ask away canada

The Ask Away campaign was a series TV commercials, short films, teasers and ambient content for the Atlantic Lottery's Ask Away website.

Digital Kitchen asked me to come up with a musical vocabulary that felt native to the spirit and place of Atlantic Canada. The campaign's goal was to elicit questions from Atlantic Canadian's about their lottery to provide transparency and honest conversation. Musically, ascending notes suggestion a question while descending notes suggest an answer. I used this simple motif throughout to set an inquisitive tone.  I drew inspiration from the beautiful Middle-Earth quality of Atlantic Canada as well the French-Canadian musical heritage of the area.

Agency:  Revolve  Mathew Allen, Creative Director

Produced by DK: Creative Directors:  Mark Bashore, Matt Mulder, Roxana Zegan, Josh Hayward, Demetre Arges, Al Mendili, Mark Bashore. DP’s: Morgan Henry, Trevor Fife / Editors: Slavka Kuehn, Brian Cole, Mark Bashore.

Music: Jesse Solomon Clark