crickets would sing

Frances Fabri was a fourteen year old girl when she and her parents were deported to Auschwitz. She left an amazing set of stories which were published after her passing as the book "Crickets Would Sing". 

"Crickets Would Sing" will be a 15 minute animated film based on an amalgam of stories from Frances’ book. Find out more at

About the music:

After reading Frances Fabris' autobiography I talked to director Mauricio Baiocchi about how we wanted to approach the trailer for the film. A feeling of release seemed to be called for, but we also wanted to instill a feeling of dignity: Frances did not have an easy life and it seemed right to give her the respect she deserves. 

The long french horn swells carry the feeling of time passing with a sense of nobility, the reverb-soaked piano gives a sense of nostalgia and the bells add a layer of fragility and magic. I brought in my long-time session player Cornelius Boots to record a clarinet solo to carry the narrative throughout the story. The clarinet brings the music down to earth and references Frances' Hungarian roots.