This is my homage to the classic and hugely influential sci-fi anime film, Ghost In The Shell. I wanted to capture the overarching atmosphere of what I think the story conveys; retain the feel of the original but create something totally new. The rising glissandi of the strings portray the tension of Major Motoko Kusanagi's pursuit of the Puppet Master . The vocals are occasionally processed through filters and distortion boxes to underscore the power and profound change bestowed upon Kusanagi. The gong dipped into a water bath is her baptism and metamorphosis from a human into a fully cybernetic being.

CREDITS Composer: Jesse Solomon Clark Strings: Del Sol String Quartet: Kate Stenberg (violin), Rick Shinozaki (violin), Charlton Lee (viola), Kathryn Bates (cello) Shakuhachi: Cornelius Boots Vocal: Laura Weinbach Percussion: Jesse Solomon Clark Recorded at Agents Del Futuro Studios and Fantasy Studios Engineer: Alberto Hernandez (Fantasy Studios) Cinematography and editing by Colby Macri Produced by Jesse Solomon Clark TECHNICAL Synths and filters: Vostok modular synth controlled w/ Analogue Systems French Connection Omnisphere Teenage Engineering OP-1 Sherman Filterbank Electro-Harmonix 2880 Eventide H3000 Mics, Preamps, Compressors: Violin 1: RCA 44BX > GML Pre Violin 2: RCA 77DX > GML Pre Viola: RCA 77DX > GML Pre Cello: Telefunken ELAM 251 > GML Pre Decca Tree Left: Neumann M49 (KK47 capsule) in omni > Grace Pre Decca Tree Centre: Neumann U47 Long Body (KK47 capsule) in omni > Grace Pre Decca Tree Right: Neumann M49 (KK47 capsule) in omni > Grace Pre Vocal: Telefunken ELAM 251 > Neve (8078 style) Pre > LA3A Shakuhachi: Peluso 2247LE, Cascade M39 > Grace Pre Bass drum: AKG D12E > Grace Pre Toms: Grundig Stereo> Grace Pre Waterphone, gong, cymbals: Cascade M39> Grace Pre