Music for Pictures + Buildings



Agents Del Futuro is a creative music and sound studio founded by Jesse Solomon Clark.

We help create immersive experiences for a wide range of digital and analog story: film, installation, generative, interactive, exhibits, animation, title sequence, concept albums and documentary.      415.225.4798      Oakland, California | Ohlone Territory


"Poetry. Thought. Philosophy. Heart. Rigor. Talent. It all becomes very clear when you wiggle on the headphones and and click the triangle. I have never achieved such seamless results between concept, picture and audio as I have in partnering with Jesse. His fearlessness in tackling highly non-traditional projects is inspiring and energizing. His spectacular compositions for the groundbreaking RadioEight is some of the most beautiful audio I’ve ever heard. He summons spirits and transports listeners. He is an original soul. I hope I have the chance to work alongside Jesse for a very long time to come."  
-Mark Bashore, Creative Director and co-Founder Plains of Yonder