if not for this

A story of indomitable love set along the wild rivers of the American West, by Pete Fromm, the author of INDIAN CREEK CHRONICLES and AS COOL AS I AM. Maddy and Dalt meet as river runners in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons and embark on a lifelong love affair. The onset of Maddy’s MS dwarfs any of the rapids they’d shot through together, but they navigate those dark waters just as smoothly. Driven by Maddy’s irresistable voice, full of wit and humor and defiance, IF NOT FOR THIS is a love story like no other.

Director: Matthew J. Clark

DP: Doug Hostetter

Gaffer: Vince Klimek

Editor: Duncan Sharp

Composer: Jesse Solomon Clark 

Design: Noah Samuel Weiss

Color Correction: Eric Rosen

Mix: Scott Weiss

"Maddy" Jill Johns

VO: Sarah Coates