music for emergent and traditional narrative forms

HBO Here And Now

HBO Here and Now Main Titles 

Alan Ball's HBO episodic Here And Now deals with the liminality between the rational and spiritual worlds. We wanted the sound of something unknown, transmitting a message into this world. Since the main titles are usually no longer than 5 seconds, the music is more of a sonic identity than a score. Produced by Plains Of Yonder.

The Sounds

The Tibetan Singing Bowls act as a point of focus, hold the tonal center and act as a landing point.

An Australian Bullroarer (pitched down an octave) conveys an ominous undertone. Recorded in stereo, it whirls around in a circle. 

A Gopichand is a simple folk instrument that's usually plucked, but when bowed can create an emotive quality. 

These vocal-derived sounds have a kind of mourning dove cry to them and are what gives the piece optimism.